have found a profession where I look forward to going to work each day.
fortunate to
really feel that I am
advancement. I
accent improvement, where I work closely with adults who want to improve their production and use of the English language either for personal or professional
know how they are doing in college or in the workforce. I h also discovered the world of fforeign
the child that is delayed. Because of this, I am committed to working with both the children and parents to build a child who feels good about him/herself and becomes a functional member of society. I am readily available to parents, school therapistshandhother professionals and the children themselves for questions and concerns at all times. My older students often continue to keep in contact with i.. me through email and telephone calls to let me
I have been a speech therapist for over 12 years. To say I enjoy what I do would be an understatement. It certainly gives me great pleasure to see the progress of each and every child (and adult) with whom I have the pleasure to work. Because of the experience I have had with my own children, I am able to look at the whole child, hhnot just the piece of
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