From Michael and Maria Paparo

Our daughter, Jessica, is 8 years old and has been classified with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder). Jessica has been in a self-contained MD class in the 2nd grade and has been in a self-contained MD class since her Kindergarten year. Although this program is helping Jessica, we feel we needed to supplement this experience with a more "one-on-one" therapy. Barbara Caniglia came highly recommended by parents we have met. Barbara offers one-on-one therapy, tailored to meet Jessica’s needs. We feel that Barbara can help Jessica develop strategies to learn and comprehend in her future school years.

Jessica has also been a patient of Barbara’s since January 2004. Since then, we have seen considerable improvement. Jessica’s speech has improved and she has started to recognize when something does not sound correct. Following directions is another area of improvement. We have received many notes from school referencing this; especially when it came to participating and following directions in class.

Barbara’s techniques are challenging and fun at the same time. Jessica never objects to going to therapy or doing the homework. The main reason Jessica feels this way is because Barbara takes the time to get to know your child. Because she is able to work one-on-one, she knows the good days form the not-so-good days. And her therapy sessions cater to those feelings.

We know Jessica’s problem does not have an immediate fix. It will take time and we feel early intervention along with Barbara’s therapy can only equate to success for Jessica.